Henrik Knudsen – Photographer Spotlight

Henrik Knudsen is an editorial and advertising photographer born in Denmark, . His education includes mathematics and computer science. I am personally very happy he...


Dennis Ramos Feature

Dennis Ramos – Photographer Spotlight

Dennis Ramos is one of those rare photographers (at least these days) that seems to be able to really breath life back into fine...


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Raphael Mortari – Artist Spotlight

Raphael Mortari - Designer & Illustrator Raphael Mortari is a talented illustrator and designer from Brazil. His works cover a broad spectrum of styles. Some of...

19 Inspiring Logo Designs

Here is a small collection of hand-picked 19 inspiring logo designs. When embarking on new designs, I like to look for inspiration, so I am...

8 Tips That Will Improve Your Photos

Improve your photos with these 8 tips Every photographer aims to improve his or her photographs, and sometimes it only takes some really simple tricks...