14 Incredible Pen and Ink Drawings



Pen and Ink Drawings have always been fascinating to me. Since I received one of my first art books Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur L. Guptill. The drawings in there floored me with their detail and depth.

I earned a new respect for this medium in college when I was required to work with various pen and ink drawing techniques.

I have gathered together some of my favourite older and contemporary renderings to share here. I have tried to credit the artist where possible, but unfortunately I have included some of which I do not know the who the artist is (feel free to let me know if there are errors or omissions here).

Franklin Booth
Franklin Booth is one of my all time most respected pen and ink artists. His work resembles wood cut illustrations.
Franklin Booth1Franklin Booth2 Gadge
This piece blends several different rendering styles, and its extreme aspect ratio create a intriguing composition.Ghadge Iain Macarthur
Go ahead, stare at Iain’s art for a while, you will get lost, but never be happier for doing it.Iain Macarthur-1 Ian Sidaway
I love these sketch book renderings, some of them are so amazingly detailed, what would the value of one of these sketch books be?Ian Sidaway Jim Lee
The incomparable Jim lee. Comic book artist legend.jimlee-1 Lluis Sogorb
The detail and accuracy of this rendering just blows my mind. I could start at it for hours.
Lluis Sogorb Loui Jover
Far less detailed than the other works in this article, but its power is not diminished. Using a wash as well.Loui Jover Michele Del Campo
The rhythm created by the lines in this pen and ink wonder creates such a strong sense of mood.Michele Del Campo Oliver Brown
Wonderfully rendered pen and ink work.Oliver Brown
Sergio Toppi
Love the hatching – creates a faux crystalline structure that enhances the design of the work.Sergio Toppi Si Scott
Si is a talented, modern day illustrator. His pen and ink drawings are highly intricate, and beautifully rendered. He combines realism with design motifs, and a little bit of whimsy.
Si Scott Unknown Artist
Again, one of those sketch books filled with amazing pen and ink drawings. This one is rendered with ball-point.Tension Spillway Unknown Artist
These baroque style insects are some of the most intricately detailed pen and ink works I have seen. baroque-insects



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