15 Inspirational Art Landscapes of the 19th Century

19th Century Landscape Artists - Feature

Some of the most amazing and moving landscapes were painted during the 1800s. Many visionary and talented artists like John Constable, Thomas Cole, and Albert Bierstadt.

Artists of The Hudson River School in America were at the forefront of the landscapes in my mind. These artists were influenced by realism and romanticism. Thomas Cole was regarded as the founder of the school, and Albert Bierstadt is definitely one of my favourite artist of this group.

Modern day concept artists and matte painters are often influenced by these masters, with their ability to orchestrate light, scale, and atmosphere to create landscapes that can truly transport you.

I have been painting both digitally and traditionally for some time, and the romanticists, and Hudson River School have all been heavy influences for me.

I have assembled a collection of several of my favourites here but I strongly encourage you to seek more information on each of these artists, and the period. This is important if you are an aspiring artist, either traditional or digital.

Here are 15 Inspirational Art Landscapes of the 19th Century:

Thomas Cole The Return – 1837800px-Cole_Thomas_The_Return_1837 Albert Bierstadt – Among the Sierra NevadaAlbert_Bierstadt_-_Among_the_Sierra_Nevada Albert Bierstadt – Puged sound of the Pacific coast Albert_Bierstadt_-_Puged_sound_of_the_Pacific_coast_(1870) Albert BierstadtAlbert-Bierstadt Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt 2 Alexander Helwig Wyant – Derbyshire Landscape 1871Alexander-Helwig-Wyant---Derbyshire-Landscape-1871 Asher Durand – Landscape with Covered WagonAsher-Durand---Landscape-with-Covered-Wagon Albert Bierstadt – A Storm in the Rocky Mountains Mt RosalieBierstadt_A_Storm_in_the_Rocky_Mountains,_Mt_Rosalie Thomas Cole – GelynaCole_Thomas_Gelyna_(View_near_Ticonderoga)_1826-1828 Thomas Cole – Evening in Arcadiacole-evening-in-arcadia-1830 John Constable-Salisbury CathedralConstable-SalisburyCathedral John Constable-The Leaping Horse John Constable-The-Leaping-Horse John Constable – Wivenhoe Park, EssexJohn_Constable_-_Wivenhoe_Park,_Essex John Constable John Constable Thomas Cole – The Course of Empire The Savage State Thomas ColeThomas Cole - The Course of Empire The Savage State Thomas Cole

These landscapes are from our past are still extremely influential and moving, and I hope you have enjoyed this retrospective and can find some new motivation and inspiration in these great works and amazing artists.



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