5 Typography Tools for Web Design


Good typography is crucial to graphic design, and as a graphic designer I am always looking for new and interesting tools to help me in my day to day work.

Here are 5 really useful typography tools to help you with using type.

Type Genius

A site for working out typeface combinations, it has a super simple interface, and can be helpful if you want to try something different than your usual goto type combos.

Type Genius


Fontface Ninja

This free extension for your browser is really helpful for quickly finding the fonts used, their sizes, as well as finding where you can get them for your own projects. Its friendlier and easier to use (and kinda fun) than the inspect tool. Let’s face it ninjas are cool. Give it a try!

Fontface Ninja


Type Scale

This tool is really helpful for determining harmonized and balanced style guides for all levels of your typographic scale.

Type Scale


Pearsonified’s Golden Ratio for Typography

If you like designing with the golden ratio, you can quickly determine a readable and aesthetic line height for your blocks of text. You just need to enter font size and column width (you can also base it on a desired CPL or characters per line).

Golden Ratio Type


WebAIM Color Contrast Checker

Well this doesn’t really help you with typography per se but is crucial if you are trying to determine if your letter forms are accessible (readable for the visually impaired). It’s good practice to check in with a tool like this regardless if you have to meet certain accessibility standards or not.

WebAIM Contrast Checker

I hope these 5 typography tools help you with your graphic design, and web design. Feel free to comment and add tools you use or would recommend!

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Chris Arlidge
Since 1999 I have been involved in graphic design, photography, digital art, traditional art, content creation, silly conversational innuendo, cat herding, and forging my identity as the Unknown Designer™. In my spare time, which is technically my day job, I am a Creative Director and Lead Designer for Cheeky Monkey Media.



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