Alberto Seveso – Artist Spotlight


If you are a Adobe Photoshop fan (which you probably are if you are here), you have certainly seen some of Alberto Seveso’s amazing digital work. In fact you are greeted with it every time you open up Adobe Photoshop CC. That’s right, the windblown portrait image featured in the 2015 (25th anniversary) loading dialogue of Photoshop CC was created by Alberto.

Alberto Seveso is an Italian Illustrator and photographer who has worked with some big names like Nike, ESPN, Nikon, Bacardi, Sony, Adobe, and many more.

Here are just a few of his works. Be sure to visit his site, and maybe even buy some prints!

AlbertoSeveso-1-TrivialExpose AlbertoSeveso-3-TrivialExpose PS25thAnniversary-AlbertoSeveso CJ-1160x1457-ESPN GJ-AlbertoSeveso AlbertoSevesso-4-TrivialExpose AlbertoSevesso-2-TrivialExpose AlbertoSeveso-5-TrivialExpose

All images Copyright © Alberto Seveso or their respective owners.


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