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Alexander Jansson - Feature

Alexander Jansson is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer. His work is everything from minimalist to highly complex. Alexander mixes analog media with digital with an expert hand. His illustrations are creative and will inspire you and take your imagination to new places.

Alexander Jansson has done work for Disney, Radio Sweden, and the NYC Ballet, just to name a few. This artist is well worth watching and following, as his work is truly inspirational. I have put together some of his works here, and if you like what you see please visit his portfolio:


his personal site:

Artists like Alexander inspire me to continue working on my own projects. His art opens up new avenues in my own creativity. It’s great to see artists like this, with diverse ranges of skills and use of media. I for one am always striving for new ways to approach art and it’s helpful to study the work of this calibre.

Some of his work:

alexanderJansson1 alexanderJansson2 alexanderJansson3 alexanderJansson4 alexanderJansson5 alexanderJansson6 alexanderJansson7 alexanderJansson8 alexanderJansson9 alexanderJansson10

If you like the landscapes and environments of Alexander’s digital pieces, I have another article 16 Beautiful Digital Art Concepts To Stir The Imagination that focuses on some inspirational concept art.

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