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Amazing Gig Posters Feature

The fine art of gig and movie posters is often overlooked. However, amongst the piles of homemade or poorly designed and slapped together band posters there is an elite crew of artists, designers and screen printers that will blow you away. They have created some of the most amazing and inspiring gig posters I have ever seen.

The inspiring posters listed in this compilation are all examples of master class illustration, design, and typography. I have put the name of the work (band or movie) as well as the artist where I could, I apologize for any errors.

Here are some of my favourites.

Copyright © Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals by DKNG Studios
A wonderful and imaginative series of posters designed and illustrated by DKNG Studios. Simple shapes and well orchestrated colour palette mask the underlying complexity of these works.


Copyright © Daniel Danger – “the wolf guard” & “weeth teeth”
Daniel Danger prints have been on my wish list for some time. His work is highly detailed and often dark, and oppressing. Lovely really. His illustrative talents are mind blowing.

Copyright © Daniel Danger – Wolfman Movie Poster
The movie wasn’t so great, but the poster by Daniel Danger – jaw-dropping.


Copyright © The Decemberists – Aaron Horkey
Aaron Horkey is one of my favourite illustrators/poster artists. His illustrations are masterpieces of composition and design. Full of incredible detail and action.

Copyright © The Head and the Heart – Erica Williams
Another master illustrator who has such tremendous detail and immaculate attention to design in her work.ericawilliams-blackkeys-web Copyright © ISIS – Aaron Horkey
Another Aaron Horkey. Enjoy. A future Featured Artist Spotlight for this artist is in the works!
Isis-AaronHorkey-web Lord of the Rings -Copyright © Aaron Horkey
Amazing scrollwork, lettering and illustration from a modern master.



Copyright © Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam is one of those very lucky bands that seem to get the best artists and have most amazing gig posters! This is no exception

Copyright © Sound Garden – AngryBlue
Brilliant illustration, inking and design work!


Copyright © The Black Keys – Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor, like Aaron Horkey and Daniel Danger is one of the best out there.


I hope you enjoyed this selection of amazing and inspiring gig Posters. Feel free to share links to your favourite artists, or gig poster designers!



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