Android Jones – Artist Spotlight


Every once and awhile an artist comes along that absolutely wows me, this artist needs to take art to another level – beyond technical rendering ability, design, composition and colour. This person needs to transcend the medium, expand upon the tools they use, often inventing new uses for them instead of following the crowd. Android Jones does this, and does it spectacularly.

This widely acclaimed artist is known for his digital alchemy, installation art and much more. He is a truly visionary artist, I strongly recommend a visit to his site: I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few selected images by Android Jones to get you “titillated”:

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Chris Arlidge
Since 1999 I have been involved in graphic design, photography, digital art, traditional art, content creation, silly conversational innuendo, cat herding, and forging my identity as the Unknown Designerâ„¢. In my spare time, which is technically my day job, I am a Creative Director and Lead Designer for Cheeky Monkey Media.



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