Bojan Jevtić – Artist Spotlight


Bojan Jevtić, from Belgrade, Serbia is a digital artist who has been published on some of the biggest online zines like Art-spire, Cruzine, Inspirefirst, Desingyoutrust and more. His portfolio is available on Saatchiart.

His artwork is created from digital photography, and combines photo manipulation, and digital painting.

Bojan’s subjects are often female, and are made of highly manipulated and collaged portraits. His work is often characterized by the melding of these portraits withorganic forms like trees, leaves and using dispersion and distortion to create multi-layered and dimensional effects.

Bojan Jevtić is an intriguing and creative artist, who makes the digital playground his. I hope you enjoy his work!


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All images Copyright ©Bojan Jevtić.



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