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Dennis Ramos Feature

Dennis Ramos is one of those rare photographers (at least these days) that seems to be able to really breath life back into fine art black and white photography. This is extremely refreshing to me as this is where I grew up in the metaphoric sense of photography. Working hours (and enjoying it immensely) in the dark room working on black and white prints.

Dennis Ramos is an award winning photographer born in the Philippines. After completing his a medical degree he migrated to the United States.  His love for digital photography and his fascination with light has eventually led him to the exploration of the landscape and architecture.

Dennis has that rare vision to create something so fundamentally real yet strip it down to its essence and create a new vision, a world beyond what we normally see. I thoroughly enjoy his work, and follow him on 500px. After viewing these samples please visit his sites and be prepared to be blown away.

artlimited_img519929 Dennis Ramos 2 Dennis-Ramos_Cypress

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