James Fenner – Artist Spotlight


James Fenner is a freelance artist living Portland, Oregon. I discovered his work on Behance, and was immediately amazed by his style and process. His illustrations tell wonderful stories, and excite the imagination. I am happy to spotlight this artist this week.

James Fenner combines a traditional and digital workflow, often working with graphite or charcoal and then bringing the scans into photoshop for digital work, painting and manipulation. Digital mixed media is definitely becoming more prevalent and I enjoy seeing these mediums combined

Solo figures seem to dominate his landscapes, all of which seem to carry a sense of mystery and magic. His compositions, involving urban or natural backdrops are captivating and I wonder at some of the symbology involved.

I am fascinated by James’s process (you can learn more about it from his site here: http://www.jmfenner.com/). Besides Behance, he also exhibits work on Deviant Art, and Tumblr.

I have chosen a small collection of his illustrations that I like in particular, but I strongly recommend you visit his site for more. James also has a store on Redbubble so have a look there and support this talented illustrator!

james-fenner--5 james-fenner-1 james-fenner-2 james-fenner-3 james-fenner-4 james-fenner-6 james-fenner-7 james-fenner-8 james-fenner-9 james-fenner-10 james-fenner-11



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