Justin Sweet – Artist Spotlight


Justin Sweet is a talented cover and concept artist who works largely in the digital realm, approving of the flexibility and immediacy of the medium. This is evident in his work. His paintings seem to spring to life as though born from a simple concept and then shaped quickly and explosively.

His work is reminiscent of the great artists like Singer Sargent, and other fantasy artists like the great Frank Frazetta. Justin uses a loose painting style, focused composition and riveting action, Justin sweet can narrate so much with so little. He does many pieces that are quick and gestural and use a water color style, but even these quick and simple works speak volumes

His male subjects seem to be well muscled but never obscenely so. They are more often sleek and wiry. His women vary from athletic to voluptuous, and can be hard or soft as the narrative demands, but always alluring.

I strongly urge you to visit this artist’s website to view more of his fantastic work. I have included a small sampling of some of his published work.

Justin Sweet - Copyright

Justin Sweet - Copyright

Justin Sweet - Copyright



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