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Maggie Steber - Feature

Maggie Steber is an exceptional photographer who has worked all over the world and her work has focused on humanitarian, cultural and social issues. She has received a number of honours such as the Leica Medal of Excellence, World Press Foundation, the Medal of Honor for Distinguished Service to Journalism from the University of Missouri and many more.

Maggie Steber was named in 2013 as one of eleven Women of Vision by National Geographic Magazine. She has work included in the Library of Congress, and her clients include National Geographic, New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, AARP and many more. She has also managed projects that have won the paper Pulitzer prize or have been finalists.

Now having established just a few of her credentials lets look at some of her work.


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She is featured in an article on the National Geographic:

Visit her personal site to view more of her intriguing and thought provoking work:

Maggie Steber’s site

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