Michael Oswald – Artist Spotlight

Michael Oswald - Spotlight Featured

Michael Oswald, or Michael O as he is known via alias at various art communities, is a digital artist who has excelled at marketing his talents and career.

Immensely popular on art sites like Deviant Art, Michael’s work is bold, beautiful and painstakingly rendered. His art is a hybrid of digital painting and photo manipulation that really shows what can be accomplished when you have gobs of talent and a powerhouse application like Adobe Photoshop.

His unique style is characterized by renderings and manipulations of beautiful female figure and portraiture melded with a futuristic android/mannequin/plastic doll feel.

He talks a bit about his process and has some useful tips for digital artists trying to make it in the industry on his site: http://www.bymichaelo.com/process.html

Here are some of my favourite work of Michael Oswald, and if you like what you see please visit his various art folio sites (links following the images).

michael-O-1 michael-O-2 michael-O-3 michael-O-4 michael-O-5 michael-O-6 michael-O-7 michael-O-8Michael’s Site: http://www.bymichaelo.com/

Michael on DA: http://michaelo.deviantart.com/

All images Copyright © Michael Oswald



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