Raphael Mortari – Artist Spotlight


Raphael Mortari – Designer & Illustrator

Raphael Mortari is a talented illustrator and designer from Brazil. His works cover a broad spectrum of styles. Some of his art consists of superhero parodies, cartoon characters and imaginative illustrative concepts. His ability to change and adapt styles is really remarkable. Raphael reinforces the fact that there is so much strong work coming from Brazil. His work is inspiring to say the least.

In this spotlight I have included a range of work that I found particularly good. I urge you to check out his work on Behance, or visit his site on Wix.


Raphael Mortari Raphael Mortari rm_03 Raphael Mortari rm_05 rm_06 rm_08 rm_09 rm_10 rm_067

The artwork posted here is copyright Raphael Mortari.

If you enjoyed his work, please let us (and him) know. Let’s keep these talented artists working and creating!

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