Rhys Owens – Artist Spotlight


Rhys Owens is a UK artist and graphic designer from Swansea in South Wales who’s work is popular on Behance (where I found his profile). Rhys Owens is a digital artist who is inspired by many things like movies, street art, gig posters, video games, and cartoons just to name a few. I can definitely see the street art influence, its one of the qualities of the work that appeals to me.

Rhys’s work is primarily of a darker, surreal and perhaps tongue in cheek style. Highly representative illustrations of post apocalyptic themed anthropomorphic characters, dominates what is currently in his folio of work. I a very happy to see that he offers signed and editioned prints of his work, and all of the pieces I am sharing in this post are available for purchase on his site: http://www.hiddenmoves.com/.

I really enjoy Rhys’s work and illustration style, and can definitely see his graphic design skills shining through in their presentation and fine touches. The choice of limited colour or vintage stylings really enhances these works. His artwork also has that certain quality of permanence and his subjects have so much character.

I hope to see more works from Rhys, and if you enjoy his work, please visit his site and have a browse!

crossbones_1024x1024 eyeofthetiger-Rhys fight-or-flight_1024x1024 lycanthrope_1024x1024 one-blind-mouse_1024x1024 skull-and-headphones_1024x1024 skull-and-headphones-2-1024x1024 space-cadet_1024x1024 the-morning-after_1024x1024

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