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There has always been a certain mystique about the prairies for me. I grew up in Alberta, and later in my years there we were hit with (at that time) one the largest tornados in history. Storms on the prairies are nothing short of spectacular. Thunder so loud that it rattles your bones, and sometimes tornadoes. Whirling winds of terrible beauty and destruction.

Ryan McGinnis is one of the most amazing storm chasing photographers I have come across. His photos are not just documentation of an event they are art. A Ryan McGinnis storm photo (like the photos on his site Big Storm Picture – Link at the end of article) is study in masterful composition, timing, lighting, and huge brass balls. Let’s face it, you can’t take shots like this with getting dirty, or risking life and limb.

I have shared here a few of my favourites, but please visit his sites and show your appreciation for his work and skill. For now here’s a taste, buckle in and put your rain gear on.


ryanmcginnis02 ryanmcginnis03 ryanmcginnis04 ryanmcginnis05 ryanmcginnis06 ryanmcginnis07

All photos in this article are Copyright © Ryan McGinnis.

Visit his sites, buy prints, show the love.





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