Wojciech Toman – Photographer Spotlight

Toman - Feature

Wojciech Toman is a young and extremely talented landscape and travel photographer. I follow him on 500px, and his folio there is well worth a look. His work is very often haunting, beautiful and surreal. He takes the HDR landscape to new levels.

Wojciech Toman is a prolific photographer with over 1 billion views on Google+ and he has work on just about every single photography platform the internet has to offer. This speaks to his marketing ability, something that many great artists and photographers fail at. It does help that his work is absolutely mind blowing as well.

Wojciech’s interests lay in other areas as well, including software development, and game development. It’s no surprise that his landscapes are so mesmerizing as his knowledge of building 3D environments are definitely an asset. It is also clear that he has a mastery of the digital tools available today for fine tuning and manipulating images.

Wojciech also enjoys sharing his knowledge and you can read articles and tutorials on his blog here: http://hdr-photographer.com/

For now here is just a small sample of some of his brilliant photography:

WToman1 WToman2 WToman3 WToman4 WToman5 WToman6 WToman7 WToman8 WToman9

All images Copyright © Wojciech Toman.



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